Turkey Egg Incubation


There are different types of incubators out there. I’m referring on a type with air circulation fan.

1. Egg Storage:

Best temperature for egg storage is between 10-13°C (50F – 55F). While storage, the eggs should be turned three times a day.


Before putting eggs in the incubator, they should be acclimatized. 3 days at 16°C (60F) and then prewarmed for 6 hour at 70F.

2. Temperature & Humidity:

  • Day 1-25:    [37,5°C (99,4F) / 50% humidity]
  • Day 26-28:  [37,3°C (99,2F) / 80% humidity]

The reduction in temperature is used to compensate the body heat produced.

To determine the optimum temperature is best used the help of an infrared heat meter. The determination of the shell temperature should be made on the side of the egg.

Temeratur Messpunkt_eng

This is the infrared heat meter that we use: LINK



The highest hatching rates occur when temperature is between 36,9°C (98,4F) and 38°C (100,4F). 

2. Turning:

Eggs should be turned at least three times a day. Higher frequencies results in less malpositions of chicks in the eggs. A turning frequency of 96 times a day would be the best. Also an important thing is the turning angle. The turning angle should be >45 degrees.

3. Candling:

On day 7. and 21. eggs should be „candled“. Eggs that are not developing should be disposed. Otherwise there is a higher risk of infections.

Embryo evolving (twins)    /    Embryo not evolving